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Tour Releases 2020

Posted by Norm Richards on 20/07/06

Tour Releases 2020 (Tentative)

>> July 01, 2020 > MFC0043 Rockies-3 -18 Legs

>> Aug. 01, 2020 > MFC0044 Rockies-4 - 14 Legs

>> Sept. 01, 2020 > MFC0045 Rockies-5 - 12 Legs

>> Oct. 01, 2020 > MFC0046 Rockies-6 - 18 Legs

>> Nov. 01, 2020 > MFC0047 Rockies-7 - 15 Legs

>> Dec. 01, 2020 > MFC0048 Rockies-8 - 12 Legs

>> Dec. 12, 2020 > MFC0046C Christmas/New Years Excursion 2020-2021 - 04 Legs - (Runs until Jan 5th, 2021 ONLY)


Posted by Norm Richards on 18/03/19


            NOTAM KACARS:Latest verrsion as of April 5, 2018 - Make sure you download and install the latest Cigar Box. V (Available in the downloads section).


Loading/Bid a Tour Flight

Pilots are reminded of the proper procedure for loading a Tour Flight: / Flying / Completing tours/tour legs:

1. From the list of tours that appear on the Active tour page: (via the Tour Center tab), choose the tour you want to fly. (Best go in order as each tour (so far), is a continuation of the previous tour).

2. On that tour, The 1st leg will open for you. Select your flight - "bid" on it.

3  Press "fly leg"

4. Log into Cigar Box and go to Main > settings then remove the check mark on Search by flight number. (This enables direct bid loading into Cigar Box).

5. In Cigar Box - Press the "Get Flight Data" button and the correct flight as per your bid should directly load and populate all the fields for the flight leg details in Cigar Box.

When your sim is ready start flight in Cigar Box. When done, file the pirep for that tour leg..

6. When you are ready to fly the next leg, go to the tour you are flying and the next leg will be open for you to fly (bid). and so forth until all the legs of that tour have been flown/completed.

7. After all the legs of a tour have been flown, the completing pilot will receive the corresponding tour award.


The only restriction at MFC for tour flights (As well as any other flight) is achieving -600fpm or under landing rates and using our prop aircraft (no Jets). (Verified by Cigar Box)

A fitting aircraft is usually recommended for each tour (or close equivalent) that would fit the landing in the tour but also put a great variety of planes in a list for pilots to fly as options to fly - and you can even fly each leg of a tour with a different aircraft if you want - (Use Cigar Box to choose your airplane selection). .